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Tresidder Insurance Brokers

Tresidder Insurance Brokers was created over 20 years ago, when Brad Tresidder saw an opportunity in the market for an honest and transparent insurance partner for business.

Tresidder Insurance Brokers

Tresidder Insurance Brokers was created over 20 years ago, when Brad Tresidder saw an opportunity in the market for an honest and transparent insurance partner for business.
Tresidder Insurance Brokers

An Honest and Transparent Insurance Partner For Business

Too often, insurance companies were more interested in selling “their” products, rather than meticulously crafting the optimum solution for the client.


The mission statement was set:

“At Tresidders, it is our mission to strive to be outstanding in all we do for our clients, our people and our community.”


From there, Brad crafted a 3 Step process to support the mission of the business:

  • Perform a comprehensive audit.
  • Make a thorough evaluation.
  • Create a tailored plan, ensuring no dangerous gaps or overlaps in the cover.


Proof the system works, is Tresidder Insurance Brokers clients become repeat clients from year to year. This customer centric and detail oriented approach to business insurance, makes even more sense today, given the more litigious nature of people, coupled with the complex compliance and liability issues, challenging business owners every day.

Our Team

At Tresidders, it is our mission to strive to be outstanding in all we do for our clients, our people and our community.

Brad - Director, Executive Chair


Founder & Executive Chairman


03 9021 7707

Brad is the Founder and Executive Chairman at Tresidder Insurance Brokers, specialising in risk appraisals and assessment, large and complex insurance design, and large loss claims management. Brad holds qualifications in Accounting, Commercial Law and Insurance. Having worked in the industry since 1997 and becoming a shareholder of a national firm at a young age, Brad has extensive experience within the mid market and corporate insurance sector.

Brad has ensured that the team at Tresidder’s have exceptional risk and insurance product knowledge through extensive training and development programs he has initiated since starting the firm in 2009.  Brad has a high expectation of the team and encourages a mentorship program so they can become the best version of themselves and be exceptional at what they do.

Brad and Cynthia Tresidder are active participants in the community, supporting many charities. Brad has participated in the NIBA (National Insurance Brokers Association) mentoring program, and sits on additional Not-For-Profit boards that are particular to his community interests.

Cynthia - Director

Cynthia has over 25 years in the Financial Services with a specialisation in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition and Management. Managing teams of people across Melbourne/Sydney/Geelong particularly in the Financial Services industry.

As a HR Manager, commitment to quality standards and employing people with a genuine commitment to being their best and helping bring out the best in others. Cynthia believes that strong cultural values are paramount to the company’s success along with technical insurance expertise and client care.

Cynthia participates in several community fund raising activities (largely involving flowers and gardens as I trained in floristry 3 years ago) and we have given to many local nursing homes, hospitals and particularly the Andrew Love Cancer Centre. “The world is full of good people, If you can’t find one, be one”.

Ian - Advisory Board Chair


Advisory Board Chair


03 9021 7700

Ian has been the Advisory Board Chair of Tresidders since 2017. Ian has had a 36 year career advising clients on issues of business and strategic risk across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

Ian holds a Bachelor of Economics from Monash University and is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Dean - Managing Director


Chief Executive Officer


03 9021 7702

Dean joined Tresidder Insurance Group as CEO in November 2021. With over 18 years in the insurance industry, he brings a wealth of experience as a Senior Executive with global underwriting companies. Most recently, State Manager at Chubb Insurance managing the VIC / TAS business.

A combination of Deans underwriting background, his significant network amongst insurance professionals and Underwriters enables Tresidder Insurance Group to achieve the best possible outcome in market solutions for clients.
Dean is passionate about client engagement, people development, strengthening relationships and delivering strategic growth outcomes. His ability to manage and develop strong teams has attributed to corporate business successes.

In his spare time, Dean attends community foundation events and volunteers in local sporting clubs, Dean thoroughly enjoys a game of golf.

Stuart - Advisory Board


Advisory Board


03 9021 7700

Since 2017, Stuart has provided consulting services to Tresidder Insurance Group. Stuart is a member of the Advisory Board while also providing Accounting oversight of the business. As a qualified Accountant, Stuart has had experience with working for an international chartered accounting firm in Melbourne and London and HSBC where he worked his way up to Chief Operating Officer / Finance Director. In recent years, he has worked as a consultant to various mid-size businesses.

In his spare time, Stuart is an avid tennis player and has been the Treasurer of the Barwon Sports Academy since 2014 contributing his time on an honorary basis as a means of giving back to the community.

Adam - Associate Director


Associate Director


03 9021 7710

The dynamic, challenging, collaborative environment and his colleagues are why Adam thrives in his role of Associate Director at Tresidder Insurance Group. Adam specialises in complex risk management for business insurances including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Large Retail and Machinery.

With an eye for detail and the ability to navigate through the insurance jargon for clients, Adam delves into the complexities of finding the most aligned insurance solution for clients.

In his spare time, Adam volunteers in the local community namely the Winchelsea sports club.

Luke - Associate Director


Associate Director


03 9021 7703

Luke holds the position of Associate Director at Tresidder Insurance Group. With over 14 years as experience as an Insurance Broker, Luke thrives within the business due to the challenging and complex nature of finding Insurance solutions associated with specialist industries.

Luke believes understanding the risk profile of a client’s business is at the core of placing an insurance solution this paired with exceptional service and a client focused claims team. Luke specialises in complex industries including International Risk, Food and Beverage, Agriculture and Manufacturing.

Recently retired from a volunteer fire fighter role he held for the past 13 years, Luke now regularly volunteers at the local kindergarten. He also participates in community events including Give where you Live and previously on the NIBA young professionals committee. Luke is a mentor for the insurance industry and won the 2015 Warren Tickle Young Broker Of The Year Award.

Paul - Associate Director


Associate Director


03 9021 7705

Paul is a Senior Account Executive at Tresidder Insurance Group. With an impressive 21 years of experience in the industry, he continues to strive for greatness in his field. Paul enjoys working with specialty complex risk management in industries including Agriculture, Bio Tech, Sporting namely bicycle riding, Financial and Software Systems.

In his role, Paul advocates for clients and ensures that he provides expert technical advice through holding a deep understanding of the client’s needs and their industry.

Community is important to Paul and he regularly contributes to his local sporting clubs.

Karyn - Finance & Administration Manager


Finance & Administration Manager


03 9021 7708

Karyn holds the Finance and Administration / Office Manager position at Tresidder Insurance group. With over thirty-eight year’s experience in the industry, Karyn understands the complexities associated with risk management and partnering with specialised industries. For the past eight years, Karyn has worked with Tresidder’s and contributed to the business’s growth from grass roots to what it is today.

“Brad has always held his team’s best interests at heart and this is reciprocated to the clients we insure. He has created a fantastic work environment based on honestly, professionalism and integrity. Brad has been a brilliant mentor who has developed and encouraged his team to do better.”

Karyn has been involved in the CFA, local school communities and participated Floral Acts of Kindness which involves delivering flowers to the elderly living in nursing homes.

Clarissa - Senior Account Executive


Senior Account Executive


03 9021 7706

Clarissa is a Senior Account Manager at Tresidder’s with over 17 years industry experience. Clarissa specialises in industries such as sports and tourism but also professional services such has lawyers, accountants, architects and various consultants. The insurance industry is ever changing and Clarissa likes to ensure she delivers a personable and professional experience to clients.

Clarissa enjoys working within the Tresidder Insurance Group due to the extensive range of knowledge and expertise held by her colleagues as well as the fun, collaborative and supportive environment.

Clarissa was a member of the Torquay SES and participated in the Give Where You Live Loaned Executive program in 2018.

Tresidder Insurance Brokers Claims Management


Senior Account Executive


03 9021 7700

Kristy holds the position of Senior Account Executive at Tresidder’s. With over 14 years in the industry and experience in claims and insurance broking, Kristy is an asset to the team. Kristy specialises in business insurance namely the construction and trade, large commercial builders and developers and large-scale trade operators.

In Kristy’s time at the group, she has recognised that the methodology to insurance is exceptional with client satisfaction at the forefront of everything they do.

Kristy is busy spending her spare time with her family and enjoying local culinary delights.

Beth - Assistant Account Executive


Account Executive


03 9021 7713

Beth is an Account Executive at Tresidder Insurance Brokers. Beth joined the team and is gaining industry knowledge through the mentoring and training program offered through the business. Beth holds invaluable experience and insight from working within a finance and insurance team for a large Australian retail company before making the move across to the insurance industry on the opposite side.

Beth thrives on all the challenges associated with placing insurance due to the supportive environment in which she works. The most satisfying part of her role is finding an insurance solution for a complex risk industry.

When asked about what Beth enjoys most working with Tresidders “Working within the team environment and developing skills with an extremely experienced and professional team of insurance brokers. The team at Tresidder’s provide a great culture and are passionate about development and training”

Casey - Assistant Account Executive


Assistant Account Executive


03 9021 7716

Casey is in the role of Claims Assistant / Broker Assistant for the last five years at Tresidder Insurance Group. Casey enjoys working with clients and solving claims issues. It has been challenging dealing with the Australia wide weather catastrophises, but Casey has been there to advocate for the clients at Tresidders and finds it extremely satisfying to resolve a good claims outcome.

Casey specialises in domestic insurance claims for clients that currently have business insurance with Tresidders.

Nat - Assistant Account Executive


Assistant Account Executive


03 9021 7712

Natalie is an Assistant Account Executive at Tresidder Insurance Group and has been in the role for the past three years. Client satisfaction is the main goal for Natalie and she prides herself on ensuring that all clients are receiving a professional and personable service.

From the beginning – partnering with clients, to finding a tailored insurance solution and advocating for clients in the event of a claim, Natalie believes Tresidders provide a quality service based on honesty and integrity.

In her spare time, Natalie volunteers at the local community football club.

Caleb - Senior Account Executive


Account Manager


03 9021 7704

Caleb has worked with Tresidder’s for the past seven years and within the insurance industry for over 17 years, specialising in complex risk management across industries including Retail, Agriculture, Transport, Machinery and Construction, Manufacturing, Motor Dealers, Sport and Leisure. Partnering with clients and taking them through the journey of identifying risks, understanding their business and goals for the future, delving into sourcing a suitable insurance program that suits the business and advocating for clients in the event of a claim are all factors that contribute to the integrity in place at Tresidder’s.

Caleb enjoys working with Tressider’s due to the collaborative environment. The leaders within the business are proud to share their knowledge and expertise and this creates a great culture.

Andrew - Senior Account Manager


Senior Account Manager


03 9021 7711

Andrew has been in the Insurance industry for the past 12 years and is currently in the role of Senior Account Manager at Tresidder Insurance Group. He thoroughly enjoys working with the team to due to their high level of professionalism regarding client engagement, complex risk management and the integrity across every aspect of the business.

Andrew believes his success in the role is determined by his ability to find the right insurance outcome for clients. He has managed to achieve some drastic changes to clients cover and decrease their premium.

“Tresidders aren’t just brokers that are transactional, each broker ensures that they offer a level of professionalism and advice, integrity and engagement. We are a strong entity due to our strong work ethics and the ability to work collaboratively.”

Dion - Claims Manager

Claims Manager, Dion has been working within the claims sector of insurance for the past 6 years. Dion enjoys navigating the insurance and claims jargon while advocating for clients. Dion specialises in Commercial, Motor, Marine, Property, Travel and Management Liability claims.

Dion offers a personalised claims service that is followed from start to finish and strongly believes this is what demonstrates the quality of the insurance solution. Dion is supported by the broking team and he works collaboratively with them to ensure he delivers a quality claims experience for clients.

Tresidder Insurance Brokers Claims Management


Assistant Account Executive


03 9021 7700

Grace recently joined the Tresidders team as an Assistant Account Executive having recently worked within the motor vehicle claims sector of insurance. The supportive, mentor and training-based environment at Tresidders is what allows Grace to develop further skills in the ever-changing insurance industry.

Grace thoroughly enjoys working with clients from a diverse range of industries. Learning the challenges associated with specialised and complex risk insurances is what drives Grace to ensure she delivers the best possible outcomes for clients.

Tresidder Insurance Brokers Claims Management


Assistant Account Executive


03 9021 7700

Kassidy is an Assistant Account Executive who has worked within the insurance insustry for the past six months  

During her time in the industry, Kassidy has developed knowledge around domestic insurance and SME businesses. Kassidy enjoys working in a collaborative environment surrounded by supportive colleagues who share their wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure that the team is continually learning and developing more skills.  

Community is important to Kassidy who has been involved in various sporting clubs in her local communities.  


Tresidder Insurance Brokers Claims Management


Senior Account Manager


03 9021 7700

Leanne is an experienced Insurance broker with over 20 year’s experience in the industry. Leanne’s area of expertise lies within the large retail business insurance industry but also in other industries such as Food and Beverage, Franchises and Agriculture.

Tailoring insurance solutions specific to client’s industries coincides with Leanne’s personable service to deliver exceptional outcomes for the business. Leanne thrives in the diversity of her role and enjoys the fact that the Tresidder team work collaboratively to achieve clients’ goals.

Leanne regularly contributes and volunteers at various sporting clubs in Geelong.

Tresidder Insurance Brokers Claims Management


Executive Assistant


03 9021 7700

Leslie made the seachange to Geelong and began working with Tresidder’s one year ago. With over 30 years’ experience working in the professional services industry, Leslie is enjoying learning more about insurance. Leslie thrives working within in the business due to the great culture which is both supportive and encouraging. Leslie believes that there are three key words that set Tresidders apart and that is integrity, responsive and personable.

Leslie recently joined the local community golf club and pickleball club.

Contact us to discuss your options, review your current cover to receive an instant quote.

Contact us to discuss your options, review your current cover to receive an instant quote.

Giving Back To The Community

Tresidder Insurance Brokers believes in giving back to and being part of the community, through financial support of sponsorships and events. Managing Director, Brad Tresidder is personally involved in the following organisations.

Giving Back To The Community

Tresidder Insurance Brokers believes in giving back to and being part of the community, through financial support of sponsorships and events. Managing Director, Brad Tresidder is personally involved in the following organisations.