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Dec 24 2015
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24th December 2015
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Cynthia Tresidder
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A nice way to end the year

What a nice sentiment to end the year on. As a company we strive to be oustanding in all we do and Paul has demonstrated what this means in such a tangible way.  Thank you Fiona for taking the time to share your experience with Tresidders.


Working in the insurance industry is never easy, I know because I work in reputation and its an industry that cops a lot of flack. Well Paul Marino will change your mind about insurance salespeople. I have never met a more dedicated and caring person. When I switched my corporate travel policy over, firstly I couldn't believe the amount of work Paul put in to compare the policies and inform me of what a lot of the gobbledy gook actually meant. Then when recently a series of cancelled flights occurred affecting speakers I had brought over for an event, he was on the phone in seconds to me after seeing my facebook post! Not only that he within 24 hours we had the claim in. He even took calls on the weekend which is going over and above in my view. Paul doesn't just sell the policy, he knows how it works and he helps it make your business work better. Insurance isn't an expense, it's an investment in your peace of mind. Talk to Paul today!

Fiona Lucas, iRespectOnline / Socially Skilled - 16/12/2015

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