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Feb 12 2016
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12th February 2016
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Cynthia Tresidder
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That's what we are here for

What good is an insurance policy unless it responds adquately in the event of the claim? What value is an insurance broker unless they provide the right advice upfront but more importantly are there to provide the support you need to navigate your way through the problem. The follow through has to be there or we are simply not doing our job.


As a result we love hearing feedback from our clients that we are actually delivering what we promise and as a result making their life easier.

Always a great reminder of the difference we can make and what a rewarding job insurance broking can be. 



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Comment By: Karyn Wright on 16th February 2016

Great Job Paul & Jeremy - you've put in a lot of Hard Work put into getting repairs quickly. Can't wait for Café Lorae to reopen - Damian & Jo are so easy to work with and make delicious lunches !


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